Acid ashes and salts

31.The pH of milk is
A. 6.1
B. 6.6
C. 7.4
D. 8
Option”B” is correct
32.Hydrochloric acid is stronger than acetic acid because
A. It has less number of hydrogen ions
B. It ionizes completely to produce H+ ions.
C. contains chlorine
D. it contains oxygen
Option”B” is correct
33.Salts which are derived from acidic hydrogen atom or hydroxyl ion are called
A. common salt
B. acid salts
C. caustic salts
D. mixed salt
Option”A” is correct
34.Which of the following is not a normal salt?
A. Na₂SO₄
C. NaPO₄
D. CaSO₄
Option”B” is correct
35.An example of a complex salt is –
A. K₄[Fe(CN)₆]
B. K₂[HgI₄]
C. [Ag(Small)₂]CI
D. all of these
Option”D” is correct
36.Mohr’s salt is
A. simple salt
B. hybrid salts
C. Divalent salts
D. complex salts
Option”C” is correct
37.Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below the lists : List-I A. Common salt B. Acidic salt C. Alkaline salt D. Double salt List-II 1. Alum ( alum) 2 .barium chloride 3. sodium bicarbonate 4. ferric hydroxide
A. A → 3, B → 2, C → 4, D → 1
B. A → 2, B → 3, C → 4, D → 1
C. A → 2, B → 3, C → 1, D → 4
D. A → 1, B → 2, C → 3, D → 4
Option”B” is correct
38.common salt solution in water
A. Natural molecules of sodium and chlorine
B. Negative ions of sodium and positive ions of chlorine
C. positive ions of sodium and negative ions of chlorine
D. sodium chloride molecule
Option”C” is correct
39.Who was the first to say that hydrogen is an essential component of all acids?
A. arrhenius
B. braunsted
C. Die
D. lorry
Option”C” is correct
40.The one which absorbs salts is called
A. hygroscopic salts
B. anhydrides salt
C. hydrophilic salts
D. hydrophobic salts
Option”A” is correct