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Antonyms Meaning in Hindi : Antonyms Questions are usually asked in  all competitive exams like  SSC, SBI, IBPS, RBI, LIC, RRB, AAI, DRDO, ISRO, NTR, FSSAI, CWC, LIC, SSC CGL,  and other state government exams.
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121. Antonym of HATE

a. admire
b. abhor
c. concern
d. loathe

Option”A” is correct

Hate : feel intense dislike for.
Admire : regard with respect or warm approval.
Abhor : regard with disgust and hatred.
Concern : relate to; be about.
Loathe : feel intense dislike or disgust for.

Antonym of Hate is Admire

122. Antonym of VOLUNTARY

a. ordered
b. alternative
c. compulsory
d. essential

Option”C” is correct

Voluntary : done, given, or acting of one’s own free will.
Ordered : give an authoritative instruction to do something.
Alternative : (of one or more things) available as another possibility or choice.
Compulsory : required by law or a rule; obligatory.
Essential : absolutely necessary; extremely important.

Antonym of Voluntary is Compulsory

123. Antonym of ONEROUS

b. easy
c. complex
d. plain

Option”B” is correct

Onerous : (of a task or responsibility) involving a great deal of effort, trouble, or difficulty.
Straightforward : uncomplicated and easy to do or understand.
Easy : achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties.
Complex : consisting of many different and connected parts.
Plain : not decorated or elaborate; simple or basic in character.

Antonym of Onerous is Easy

124. Antonym of VANITY

a. modesty
b. kindness
c. compassion
d. moderation

Option”A” is correct

Vanity : excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.
Modesty : the quality or state of being unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities.
Kindness : the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
Compassion : sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
Moderation : the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behaviour or political opinions.

Antonym of Vanity is Modesty

125. Antonym of CRASS

a. gross
b. refined
c. coarse
d. dense

Option”B” is correct

Crass : showing no intelligence or sensitivity.
Gross : (especially of wrongdoing) very obvious and unacceptable.
Refined : elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.
Coarse : rough or harsh in texture.
Dense : closely compacted in substance.

Antonym of Crass is Refined

126. Antonym of BAULK

a. admire
b. strengthen
c. clamour
d. encourage

Option”D” is correct

Baulk : hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking.
Admire : regard with respect or warm approval.
Strengthen : make or become stronger.
Clamour : a loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting.
Encourage : give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

Antonym of Baulk is Encourage

127. Antonym of MASTICATE

a. gobble
b. conceal
c. chew
d. review

Option”A” is correct

Masticate : chew (food).
Gobble : eat (something) hurriedly and noisily.
Conceal : not allow to be seen; hide.
Chew : bite and work (food) in the mouth with the teeth, especially to make it easier to swallow.
Review : a formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary.

Antonym of Masticate is Gobble

128. Antonym of DESPONDENCY

a. humility
b. pleasure
c. cheerfulness
d. excitement

Option”C” is correct

Despondency : low spirits from loss of hope or courage; dejection.
Humility : the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.
Pleasure : a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
Cheerfulness : the quality or state of being noticeably happy and optimistic.
Excitement : a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

Antonym of Despondency is Cheerfulness

129. Antonym of FOSTER

a. repress
b. curb
c. check
d. control

Option”A” is correct

Foster : encourage the development of (something, especially something desirable).
Repress : subdue (someone or something) by force.
Curb : a check or restraint on something.
Check : examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something.
Control : the ability to manage a machine, vehicle, or other moving object.

Antonym of Foster is Repress

130. Antonym of LEND

a. hire
b. pawn
c. cheat
d. borrow

Option”D” is correct

Lend : grant to (someone) the use of (something) on the understanding that it will be returned.
Hire : obtain the temporary use of (something) for an agreed payment.
Pawn : a person used by others for their own purposes.
Cheat : act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.
Borrow : take and use (something belonging to someone else) with the intention of returning it.

Antonym of Lend is Borrow