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Navigating the intricate world of competitive exams can often feel overwhelming. However, understanding crucial topics can significantly simplify this journey. One such pivotal topic is the “Course of Action“. For many candidates, the term might sound straightforward, but in the context of logical reasoning, it carries profound importance. The “Course of Action” is not just a phrase; it’s a reflection of one’s analytical and logical prowess.

To grasp the essence of the “Course of Action” topic, it’s beneficial to delve into its meaning. While the “course of action meaning” might be somewhat familiar to English speakers, for those who are more comfortable in Hindi, understanding the “course of action meaning in Hindi” can offer additional clarity. Essentially, this term guides candidates in determining the most suitable action or steps to be taken in a given scenario.

Course of action meaning in Hindi : कार्रवाई के दौरान

The “Course of Action” topic is essential for the Logical Reasoning section in competitive exams, highlighting its significance. It tests candidates on their ability to analyze situations and determine the most appropriate actions to address them. When faced with a statement in the exam, a candidate must discern the underlying implications and then select the best “Course of Action” based on that statement.

Diving deeper, there are primarily two types of questions linked to this subject. The first deals with Assumptions and Conclusions. Here, after reading a statement, candidates need to pinpoint the most fitting assumption from the options provided. It’s about understanding the inherent meaning of the statement and drawing logical conclusions. The second kind revolves around “Courses of Action”. In these questions, candidates encounter a scenario accompanied by several statements. The challenge is to choose the most apt “Course of Action” based on the provided context.

However, merely understanding the “Course of Action” concept is not enough. Success in competitive exams demands consistent practice. By routinely attempting “Statement and Course of Action” questions within stipulated time frames, candidates can hone their skills, boost their confidence, and ultimately, enhance their examination scores.

In conclusion, the “Course of Action” topic is more than just another subject to study. It’s a testament to a candidate’s ability to think critically, analyze situations, and make informed decisions.

Whether you’re seeking the “course of action meaning” or trying to understand it in Hindi, the primary goal remains unchanged: to excel in logical reasoning and make informed choices in any given scenario. So, roll up your sleeves, delve into these questions, and embark on the journey to master the “Course of Action” topic.

Top 70 Course of Action Questions :

11. Statement : The Indian electronic component industry venturing into the West European markets faces tough competition from the Japanese.Courses of Action :
I. India should search for other international markets for its products.
II. India should improve the quality of the electronic components to compete with the Japanese in capturing these markets.

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Option”B” is correctAn escapist’s attitude does not help much. The need is to compete and emerge successful. So, only course II follows.

12. Statement : Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have agreed in principle to set up a joint control board for better control, management and productivity of several inter-state multipurpose projects.

Courses of Action :
I. Other neighbouring states should set up such control boards.
II. The proposed control board should not be allowed to function as such joint boards are always ineffective.

Option”A” is correct

The effectiveness of such Control Boards is established by the fact that Orissa and A.P. have agreed to it for better control of its multipurpose projects. So, only course I follows.

13. Statement : The Government has decided not to provide financial support to voluntary organisations from next Five Year Plan and has communicated that all such organisations should raise funds to meet their financial needs.

Courses of Action :
I. Voluntary organisations should collaborate with foreign agencies.
II. They should explore other sources of financial support.

Option”B” is correct

The problem arising is shortage of funds. So, alternative sources of financial support need to be worked out first. Thus, only course II follows.

14. Statement : The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased.

Courses of Action :
I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality.
II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

Option”D” is correct

The ideas suggested in both I and II represent unfair means to cut competition. The correct way would be to devise methods and techniques such that the indigenous producers could produce better quality fruits and make them available in the market at prices comparable with those of the imported ones. Hence, neither I nor II follows.

15. Statement : There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of successful candidates in this year’s School Leaving Certificate Examination.

Courses of Action :
I. The government should make arrangements to increase number of seats of intermediate courses in existing colleges.
II. The government should take active steps to open new colleges to accommodate all these successful candidates.

Option”A” is correct

The increase may not be a permanent one. So, it’s better not to open new colleges but increase seats in the existing colleges. So, only I follow.

16. Statement : A large number of engineering graduates in the country are not in a position to have gainful employment at present and the number of such engineers is likely to grow in the future.

Courses of Action :
I. The government should launch attractive employment generation schemes and encourage these graduates to opt for such schemes to use their expertise and knowledge effectively.
II. This happened due to proliferation of engineering colleges in the country and thereby lowered the quality of the engineering graduates. Those colleges which are not equipped to impart quality education should be closed down.

Option”B” is correct

The emphasis should be not on the Government putting all the engineering graduates to jobs but on the colleges producing not ‘degree-holders’ but real technical minds which could compete well for gainful employment. So, only course II follows.

17. Statement : Every year, at the beginning or at the end of the monsoons, we have some cases of conjunctivitis, but this year, it seems to be a major epidemic, witnessed after nearly four years.

Courses of Action :
I. Precautionary measures should be taken after every four years to check this epidemic.
II. People should be advised to drink boiled water during rainy season.

Option”B” is correct

The disease occurs at the end of monsoons every year. So, precautionary measures every four years shall not help. The second course of action shall be a preventive measure. So, only course II follows.

18. Statement : Every year large number of devotees dies due to severe cold on their way to the shrine located at the top of the mountain range.

Courses of Action :
I. The devotees should be discouraged to visit the shrine without having proper warm clothes and other amenities.
II. The government should provide warm clothes and shelter to all the devotees visiting the shrine.

Option”A” is correct

Clearly, the problem can be solved by warning the devotees of the excessive cold at the shrine. So, only I follow.

19. Statement : There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of requests for berths in most of the long distance trains during the current holiday season.

Courses of Action :
I. The railway authority should immediately increase the capacity in each of these trains by attaching additional coaches.
II. The people seeking accommodation should be advised to make their travel plan after the holiday.

Option”A” is correct

People cannot be deprived of going to a certain destination merely for lack of berths. Instead it is the duty of the railway authority to accommodate all the bookings by all means. So, only I follows.

20. Statement : The Finance Minister submits his resignation a month before the new budget is to be presented in the Parliament.

Courses of Action :
I. The resignation should be accepted and another person should be appointed as the Finance Minister.
II. The resignation should not be accepted.

Option”B” is correct

Clearly, an already working Finance Minister shall know better all the plans and resources of the Government and he alone can present a suitable budget. So, course II follows.

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