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Navigating the intricate world of competitive exams can often feel overwhelming. However, understanding crucial topics can significantly simplify this journey. One such pivotal topic is the “Course of Action“. For many candidates, the term might sound straightforward, but in the context of logical reasoning, it carries profound importance. The “Course of Action” is not just a phrase; it’s a reflection of one’s analytical and logical prowess.

To grasp the essence of the “Course of Action” topic, it’s beneficial to delve into its meaning. While the “course of action meaning” might be somewhat familiar to English speakers, for those who are more comfortable in Hindi, understanding the “course of action meaning in Hindi” can offer additional clarity. Essentially, this term guides candidates in determining the most suitable action or steps to be taken in a given scenario.

Course of action meaning in Hindi : कार्रवाई के दौरान

The “Course of Action” topic is essential for the Logical Reasoning section in competitive exams, highlighting its significance. It tests candidates on their ability to analyze situations and determine the most appropriate actions to address them. When faced with a statement in the exam, a candidate must discern the underlying implications and then select the best “Course of Action” based on that statement.

Diving deeper, there are primarily two types of questions linked to this subject. The first deals with Assumptions and Conclusions. Here, after reading a statement, candidates need to pinpoint the most fitting assumption from the options provided. It’s about understanding the inherent meaning of the statement and drawing logical conclusions. The second kind revolves around “Courses of Action”. In these questions, candidates encounter a scenario accompanied by several statements. The challenge is to choose the most apt “Course of Action” based on the provided context.

However, merely understanding the “Course of Action” concept is not enough. Success in competitive exams demands consistent practice. By routinely attempting “Statement and Course of Action” questions within stipulated time frames, candidates can hone their skills, boost their confidence, and ultimately, enhance their examination scores.

In conclusion, the “Course of Action” topic is more than just another subject to study. It’s a testament to a candidate’s ability to think critically, analyze situations, and make informed decisions.

Whether you’re seeking the “course of action meaning” or trying to understand it in Hindi, the primary goal remains unchanged: to excel in logical reasoning and make informed choices in any given scenario. So, roll up your sleeves, delve into these questions, and embark on the journey to master the “Course of Action” topic.

Top 70 Course of Action Questions :

51. Statement : A large number of people visiting India from country X have been tested positive for carrying viruses of a killer disease.Courses of Action :
I. The government of India should immediately put a complete ban on people coming to India from country X including those Indians who are settled in country X.
II. The government of India should immediately set up detection centres at all its airports and seaports to identify and quarantine those who are tested positive.

Option”B” is correct

Clearly, the non-infected persons should not be debarred from visiting India. So, only course II follows.

52. Statement : There has been less than forty percent voter turnout in the recent assembly elections.

Courses of Action :
I. The election commission should cancel the entire election process as the votes cast are not adequate to represent people.
II. The election commission should take away the voting rights of those who did not exercise their rights.

Option”D” is correct

Re-election would demand repeated expenses and following course II would reduce the voter base permanently. Instead, awareness should be created among the people to use their right to vote effectively. So, neither I nor II follows.

53. Statement : Most of the development plans develop in papers only.

Courses of Action :
I. The in-charges should be instructed to supervise the field-work regularly.
II. The supply of paper to such departments should be cut short.

Option”A” is correct

Clearly, proper supervision alone can see the development in practice. So, only course I follows.

54. Statement : The vegetable traders feel that the prices of onion will again go up shortly in the State ‘P’

Courses of Action :
I. The ‘P’ State Government should purchase and store sufficient quantity of onion in advance to control prices.
II. The ‘P’ State Government should make available network of fair price shops for the sale of onions during the period of shortage.

Option”E” is correct

Clearly, both the courses of action seem appropriate to prevent black-marketing in case of shortage. Hence, both I and II follow.

55. Statement : It is reported that though Vitamin E present in fresh fruits and vegetables is beneficial for human body, capsule Vitamin E does not have the same effect on human body.

Courses of Action :
I. The sale of capsule Vitamin E should be banned.
II. People should be encouraged to take fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the body’s requirement of Vitamin E.

Option”B” is correct

The statement implies that capsule Vitamin E does not function so effectively as natural Vitamin E. Since no negative effect of capsule Vitamin E is mentioned, so I does not follow. Hence, only II follows.

56. Statement : There has been a significant drop in the water level of all the lakes supplying water to the city.

Courses of Action :
I. The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation.
II. The government should appeal to all the residents through mass media for minimal use of water.

Option”E” is correct

The situation can be tackled by periodic cuts in supply, and urging people to conserve water. So both the courses follow.

57. Statement : The police department has come under a cloud with recent revelations that at least two senior police officials are suspected to have been involved in the illegal sale of a large quantity of weapons from the state police armoury.

Courses of Action :
I. A thorough investigation should be ordered by the State Government to bring out all those who are involved into the illegal sale of arms.
II. State police armoury should be kept under Central Government’s control.

Option”A” is correct

Clearly, the situation demands finding out the real culprits first. So, only I follow.

58. Statement : Financial stringency prevented the State Government from paying salaries to its employees since April this year.

Courses of Action :
I. The State Government should immediately curtail the staff strength at least by 30%.
II. The State Government should reduce wasteful expenditure and arrange to pay the salaries of its employees.

Option”B” is correct

Clearly, curtailing of the staff strength will only increase the panic and discontent, and the satisfaction of the employees is a must. So, the Government should arrange for payment of wages. Thus, only course II follows.

59. Statement : The cinema halls are incurring heavy losses these days as people prefer to watch movies in home on TV than to visit cinema halls.

Courses of Action :
I. The cinema halls should be demolished and residential multi-storey buildings should be constructed there.
II. The cinema halls should be converted into shopping malls.

Option”D” is correct

Doing away with cinema halls is no solution. Hence, none of the courses follows. Instead, certain incentives and promotional schemes should be awarded to cinema hall owners so that they could manage to draw in crowds.

60. Statement : Duty free technology parks where foreign firms can manufacture electronic hardware components are proposed to be established at various places in the country.

Courses of Action :
I. Government should immediately implement the proposal to augment the foreign currency reserve by exporting the products.
II. Government should not implement the proposal as it will hinder indigenous production of hardware components.

Option”A” is correct

The step discussed in the statement would surely give a boost to hardware industry and help our country to stand apart in this field. Thus, only I follows.