Gupta Period (319 AD-540 AD)

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1.According to some scholars, the poet Kalidasa was the poet of whom?
A. Chandragupta Maurya
B. Samudragupt
C. Chandragupta ॥ ‘Vikramaditya’
D. Joy
Option “C” is correct.
2.The subject matter of Ajanta paintings is related to which of the following?
A. Jainism
B. Buddhism
C. Vaishnavism
D. Shaivism
Option “B” is correct.
3.The university which became famous in the post-Gupta era was?
A. Kanchi
B. Takshshila
C. Nalanda
D. Vallabhi
Option “C” is correct.
4.Eran inscription is related to which ruler?
A. Brahmagupta
B. Chandragupta I
C. Chandragupta II
D. Bhanugupta
Option “D” is correct.
5.During whose reign Fa Hien came to India?
A. Chandragupta I
B. Ashoka
C. Harsh Vardhan
D. Chandragupta II
Option “D” is correct.
6.The ‘Golden Age’ of Indian culture was?
A. Mauryan period
B. Rajput period
C. Chola period
D. Gupta period
Option “D” is correct.
7.Where was Fahien from?
A. Bhutan
B. America
C. China
D. Burma
Option “C” is correct.
8.Pravarsen II, the creator of ‘Setubandha’ was the ruler of which dynasty?
A. Doubt
B. Kanv
C. Vakataka
D. Satavahana
Option “C” is correct.
9.Which Gupta ruler was called ‘Kaviraj’?
A. Srigupt
B. Chandragupta II
C. Samudragupt
D. Skandagupta
Option “C” is correct.
10.In which column article Skandagupta was called ‘Shakropam’?
A. Kahoum Pillar Articles
B. Junagadh inscription
C. Prayag Prashasti
D. Mandsaur Articles
Option “A” is correct.