Idioms And Phrases

131.I hope it will not put you out If I am late.

a. harm you
b. irritate you
c. please you
d. worry out

Option “B” is correct.
put you out: to annoy or upset someone, often by what you do or say to them.

132.Govind has left his country for good.

a. for better opportunities
b. on an important mission
c. forever
d. to return soon

Option “C” is correct.
for good: permanently.

133.Sanjay was the real power behind the throne and all politicians were aware of this.

a. The person who had the real control and power
b. The acknowledged leader
c. The person who controlled the monarch
d. The person who advised the queen

Option “A” is correct.
power behind the throne: a person who exerts authority or influence without having formal status.

134.His friends let him down.

a. failed
b. comforted
c. succeeded
d. stood by

Option “A” is correct.
let him down: fail to support or help someone as they had hoped.

135.I felt like afish out of water among all those business tycoons.


Option “C” is correct.
like a fish out of water: not feel comfortable or relaxed because of being in an unusual or unfamiliar situation.

136.You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

a. Enjoy forever
b. Have it both ways
c. Run away from responsibility
d. Absolve yourself of guilt

Option “B” is correct.
have your cake and eat it too: to have or do two good things at the same time that are impossible to have or do at the same time.

137.The rebels held out for about a month

a. waited
b. retreated
c. bargained
d. resisted

Option “D” is correct.
held out: to continue to defend yourself against an enemy or attack without being defeated.

138.The new economic policy is likely to run into rough weather.

a. create problems
b. encounter difficulties
c. confuse matters
d. makes things difficult

Option “B” is correct.
likely to run into rough weather: to be in unfavourable situation or difficulties.

139.The old father brought home the moral of unity by asking each of his sons to break the bundle of sticks

a. emphasised
b. voiced
c. declared
d. suggested

Option “A” is correct.
brought home: get to the heart of a matter, make perfectly clear.

140.If you give John all your money, you are likely to burn your fingers.

a. be unhappy
b. be happy
c. suffer
d. be ill

Option “C” is correct.
burn your fingers: to suffer unpleasant results of an action, especially loss of money, so you do not want to do the same thing again.