Idioms And Phrases

11. Will o’ the wisp

Option “A” is correct.
Will o’ the wisp: a person or thing that is difficult or impossible to reach or catch.

12. To talk one’s head off

Option “D” is correct.
To talk one’s head off: to talk endlessly.

13. To keep one’s head

Option “B” is correct.
To keep one’s head : to remain calm and sensible when in an awkward situation that might cause a person to panic or go out of control.

14. A pipe dream

Option “C” is correct.
A pipe dream: an idea or plan that is impossible or very unlikely to happen.

15. To be in abeyance

Option “D” is correct.
To be in abeyance: something as pending or suspended.

16. To cast pearls before a swine

Option “D” is correct.
To cast pearls before a swine: Offer or show something valuable, good, or beautiful to someone who does not understand its value.

17.To bring one’s eggs to a bad market

Option “D” is correct.
To bring one’s eggs to a bad market: To fail in one’s plan because one goes to the wrong people for help.

18. To split hours

Option “C” is correct.
To split hours: To make or focus on trivial or petty details, differences, or distinctions.

19. To play fast and loose

Option “B” is correct.
To play fast and loose: behave in a careless manner.

20. A snake in the grass

Option “C” is correct.
A snake in the grass: One who feigns friendship with the intent to deceive.