Idioms And Phrases

81.He passed himself off as a noble man.

a. Was regarded as
b. Pretended to be
c. Was thought to be
d. Was looked upon

Option “B” is correct.
passed himself off: to try to make others believe that someone or something is something other than what the person or thing is

82.This matter has been hanging fire for the last many months and must therefore be decided one way or the other.

a. going on slowly
b. hotly debated
c. stuck up
d. ignored

Option “A” is correct.
hanging fire: to delay, wait, hold back, or hesitate.

83.In the armed forces, it is considered a great privilege to die in harness.

a. die on a horse back
b. die in the battlefield
c. die while still working
d. die with honour

Option “C” is correct.
die in harness: to die while still at work.

84.The cricket match proved to be a big draw.

a. a keen contest
b. a huge attraction
c. a lovely spectacle
d. a game without any result

Option “B” is correct.
big draw: a big source of attraction.

85.When he heard that he had once again not been selected he lost heart.

a. became desperate
b. felt sad
c. became angry
d. became discouraged

Option “D” is correct.
lost heart: having lost confidence or enthusiasm.

86.I am afraid he is burning the candle at both ends and ruining his life.

a. wasting his money
b. becoming overgenerous
c. overtaxing his energies
d. losing his objectives

Option “C” is correct.
burning the candle at both ends: go to bed late and get up early.

87.The university will have to shelve its plans for expansion in view of present situation

a. cancel
b. discuss
c. reconsider
d. postpone

Option “D” is correct.
shelve: decide not to proceed with.

88.Do no trust a man who blows his own trumpet

a. flatters
b. praises others
c. admonishes others
d. praises himself

Option “D” is correct.
blows his own trumpet: to talk about oneself or one’s achievements especially in a way that shows that one is proud or too proud.

89.He is out and out a reactionary.

a. no more
b. thoroughly
c. in favour of
d. deadly against

Option “B” is correct.
out and out: in every respect; absolute.

90.I did not mind what he was saying, he was only through his hat.

a. talking nonsense
b. talking ignorantly
c. talking irresponsibly
d. talking insultingly

Option “A” is correct.
through his hat: to speak without knowing the facts.