Mahajanapada period (600 BC-325 BC)

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1.When did coins/currency become prevalent in India?
A. During the reign of Ashoka
B. During the reign of Kanishka
C. in 600 BC
D. in 300 BC
Option “C” is correct.
2.Consider the following kings – 1. Ajatashatru 2. Bindusara 3. Prasenjit. Who among the following was a contemporary of Buddha?
A. only 1
B. 2 and 3
C. 1 and 3
D. 1,2 and 3
Option “C” is correct.
3.What was the main reason for the rise of large kingdoms during the 6th century BC?
A. Use of iron on a large scale in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
B. Paved the way for a more settled life in tribal society
C. Remarkable development of trade and commerce
D. None of these
Option “A” is correct.
4.Magadha emperor Bimbisara had sent his royal doctor Jivak for the treatment of the king of which state?
A. Kaushal
B. Organ
C. Avanti
D. Vaishali
Option “C” is correct.
5.Which ruler conquered Avanti and made it a part of Magadha?
A. Ajatshatru
B. Bimbisara
C. Shishunag
D. Mahapadmananda
Option “C” is correct.
6.Which Magadha emperor merged Anga with his kingdom?
A. Bimbisara
B. Ajatshatru
C. Udayin
D. Shishunag
Option “A” is correct.
7.Which state was not merged by Shishunag in Magadha Empire?
A. Avanti.
B. Child
C. Kaushal
D. Kashi
Option “D” is correct.
8.Who merged Kashi and Lichchavi into Magadha Empire?
A. Bimbisara
B. Ajatshatru
C. Udayin
D. Shishunag
Option “B” is correct.
9.Which is not correct about Magadha Empire?
A. According to the Puranas and Mahakyas, it was founded by Brihadratha.
B. Mahapadyanand gave it the most expansion and assumed the title of ‘Sarvkshatratak’ (the destroyer of Kshatriyas) and ‘Ikrat’.
C. Girivraj, Rajgriha, Pataliputra and Vaishali became its four capitals respectively.
D. None of these
Option “D” is correct.
10.Which one of the following dynasties ruled North India at the time of Alexander’s invasion?
A. Nand
B. Maurya
C. Shung
D. Kanva
Option “A” is correct.