Maurya-North / Pre-Gupta period (185 BC-319 AD)

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1.Consider the following dynasties 1. Satavahana 2. Gupta 3. Shringa 4. Chola What is the correct chronological order of these dynasties?
A. 1, 2, 3, 4
B. 4, 3, 1,2
C. 2,1, 4, 3
D. 3,1,2,4
Option “D” is correct.
2.After the collapse of the Maurya Empire, there was a series of invasions. Who among the following attacked India first?
A. Bactrian/Greek
B. Parthian
C. Doubt
D. Kushan
Option “A” is correct.
3.Match List-I with List-II : List-I (Rulers) A. Ashoka B. Kanishka C. Kharavela D. Kumaragupta List-II (Titles) 1. Vikramaditya 2. Kalinga-Chakravartin 3. Mahendraditya 4. Devputra 5 Priyadarshi
A. A → 1, B → 2, C → 3, D → 4
B. A → 5, B → 4, C → 2, D → 1
C. A → 2, B → 1, C → 4, D → 3
D. A → 5, B → 4, C → 2, D → 3
Option “D” is correct.
4.When did Vikram Samvat start?
A. 78 B.C.
B. 58 B.C.
C. 72 B.C.
D. 56 B.C.
Option “B” is correct.
5.Match List-I with List-II : List-I A. Vikram Samvatsar B. Shaka Samvatsara C. Gupta Samvatsara D. Kali Samvatsara List-II 1. 3102 BC 2. 320 AD 3. 78 AD 4. 58 AD East
A. A → 2, B → 4, C → 3, D → 1
B. A → 1, B → 3, C → 2, D → 4
C. A → 4, B → 1, C → 2, D → 3
D. A → 4, B → 3, C → 2, D → 1
Option “D” is correct.
6.The most influential kingdom in South India after the Mauryas was?
A. Satavahana
B. Pallava
C. Chola
D. Chalukya
Option “A” is correct.
7.In which of the following periods was the standing image of Buddha made?
A. Secret period
B. Kushan period
C. Mauryan period
D. Post Gupta period
Option “B” is correct.
8.Which dynasty ruled India after Shunga dynasty?
A. Satavahana
B. Kushan
C. Kanv
D. Secret
Option “C” is correct.
9.Which Chinese general defeated Kanishka?
A. Pen chow
B. Pan Yan
C. Shi huang tea
D. Yes t
Option “A” is correct.
10.The largest number of copper coins were issued in northern and north-western India?
A. Indo-Greeks
B. The kushans
C. Doubts
D. The Pratiharas
Option “B” is correct.