Maurya period (322 BC-185 BC)

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11.Who founded the dynasty on the threefold basis of tolerance, generosity and compassion?
A. Ashoka
B. Akbar
C. Ranjit Singh
D. Shivaji
Option “A” is correct.
12.Which of the following cities does not have inscriptions of Ashoka?
A. Girnar
B. Kandahar
C. Patna
D. Topra
Option “C” is correct.
13.The author of ‘Arthashastra’ was a contemporary of?
A. Ashoka’s
B. Chandragupta’s
C. of Chandragupta Vikramaditya
D. of Samudragupta
Option “B” is correct.
14.Which dynasty ruled Magadha after the Nanda dynasty?
A. Maurya
B. Shung
C. Secret
D. Kushan
Option “A” is correct.
15.The most famous center of learning during the Maurya period was?
A. Vaishali
B. Nalanda
C. Takshshila
D. Ujjain
Option “C” is correct.
16.What is the name of the book of Megasthenes?
A. Economics
B. Rigveda
C. Puranas
D. Indica
Option “D” is correct.
17.In whose book Chandragupta Maurya has been specifically described, that is?
A. Bhas
B. Shudraka
C. Visakhadatta
D. Ashwaghosh
Option “C” is correct.
18.The source in which the description of the administration of Pataliputra is available is?
A. Donation
B. Economics
C. Indica
D. Ashoka’s inscriptions
Option “C” is correct.
19.The language used in the inscriptions of Ashoka is?
A. Sanskrit
B. Prakrit
C. Pali
D. Hindi
Option “B” is correct.
20.Which of the following Mauryan kings conquered the Deccan?
A. Ashoka
B. Chandra Gupta
C. Bindusara
D. Kunal
Option “B” is correct.