Maurya period (322 BC-185 BC)

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41.Who mainly helped in the expansion of Chandragupta’s rule?
A. Purification
B. Umagupta
C. Chanakya
D. Shudraka
Option “C” is correct.
42.Sanchi represents which art and sculpture?
A. Jain
B. Buddhist
C. Muslim
D. Christian
Option “B” is correct.
43.The famous ruler of ancient India who adopted Jainism in the last days of his life-
A. Chandragupta Maurya
B. Ashoka
C. Samudragupt
D. Bindusara
Option “A” is correct.
44.Who founded the Maurya Empire?
A. Bindusara
B. Chandra Gupta Mourya
C. Ashoka
D. Bimbisara
Option “B” is correct.
45.What was the name of the currency prevalent in the Maurya Empire?
A. But
B. Balance
C. Kakani
D. Dinar
Option “A” is correct.
46.Who among the following is not the ruler of Maurya dynasty?
A. Ajatshatru
B. Chandragupta Maurya
C. Ashoka
D. Bindusara
Option “A” is correct.
47.Who among the following was the successor of Ashoka?
A. Kunal
B. Bindusara
C. Rahul
D. None of these
Option “A” is correct.
48.Who among the following is the author of ‘Mudrarakshasa’?
A. Ashwaghosh
B. Visakhadatta
C. Kalidas
D. Bhas
Option “B” is correct.
49.The subject matter of Visakhadatta’s ancient Indian play ‘Mudrarakshasa’ is?
A. Ancient Hindu legend about the conflict between the gods and the demons
B. About the love story of an Aryan prince and a tribal woman
C. About the story of the struggle for power between two Aryan tribes
D. About the conflicts in the court during the time of Chandragupta Maurya
Option “D” is correct.
50.Which ruler conquered Malwa, Gujarat and Maharashtra for the first time?
A. Joy
B. Skandagupta
C. Vikramaditya
D. Chandragupta Maurya
Option “D” is correct.