Non-metals and their compounds

1.Which of the following is a conductor of electricity
A. rubber
B. pure water
C. salt water
D. Benzene
Option”C” is correct
2.How can pure water be obtained from sea water?
A. by distillation
B. by condensation
C. by evaporation
D. by Prabhaji Aswan
Option”A” is correct
3.Sea water is more salty than rain water because
A. Rivers bring salts with them
B. there are salt rocks in the sea
C. The atmosphere around the ocean is salty
D. animals living in the sea produce salt
Option”A” is correct
4.The temporary hardness of water is due to
A. bicarbonates of Ca and Mg
B. Carbonates of Ca and Mg
C. Chlorides of Ca and Mg
D. Sulphates of Ca and Mg
Option”A” is correct
5.Permanent hardness in water is due to the presence of?
A. sulfates of sodium and potassium
B. sulfates of magnesium and calcium
C. carbonates of sodium and magnesium
D. bicarbonates of magnesium and calcium
Option”B” is correct
6.On boiling of water in the kettle, a layer of white material gets deposited on its inner layer, that layer is –
A. of sodium chloride
B. of calcium chloride
C. of magnesium chloride
D. of carbonates of Ca and Mg
Option”D” is correct
7.What is the function of heavy water in a nuclear reactor?
A. slowing down neutrons
B. speed up neutrons
C. reactor cooling
D. stop nuclear reaction
Option”A” is correct
8.Heavy water is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors. heavy water
A. mineral rich water
B. ozonized water is
C. Water containing heavy metal minerals is
D. Water containing heavy isotopes of hydrogen is
Option”D” is correct
9.What is the chemical composition of ‘heavy water’ (Guru Jal)?
A. H₂O₂
B. H₂O
D. D₂O
Option”D” is correct
10.heavy water molecular weight is
A. 18
B. 20
C. 22
D. 24
Option”B” is correct