Non-metals and their compounds

191.The gas which burns with blue flame is –
A. hydrogen
B. nitrogen
C. carbon monoxide
D. Carbon dioxide
Option”C” is correct
192.Which of the following air pollutant dissolves more rapidly in the hemoglobin of blood than oxygen?
B. carbon dioxide
C. carbon monoxide
D. ozone
Option”C” is correct
193.What is the amount of carbon dioxide in the air in the following
A. 0.003%’
B. 0.03%’
C. 0.13%’
D. 30%’
Option”B” is correct
194.Which of the following gas is essential for photosynthesis process
A. carbon monoxide
B. Carbon dioxide
C. nitrogen
D. oxygen
Option”B” is correct
195.The main method by which carbon dioxide gas is reduced in the environment is
A. catalyst
B. electrolysis
C. compilation
D. Photosynthesis
Option”D” is correct
196.Which gas is used by plants in photosynthesis
A. sulfur dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide
C. chlorine
D. ammonia
Option”B” is correct
197.It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night, because then –
A. carbon dioxide is released
B. carbon monoxide is released
C. less oxygen is released
D. more oxygen is released
Option”A” is correct
198.Carbon dioxide reacts with water to form
A. carbolic acid
B. carbonic acid
C. carboxylic acid
D. sulfuric acid
Option”B” is correct
199.The gas used to extinguish the fire is
A. Neon
B. nitrogen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. carbon monoxide
Option”C” is correct
200.Due to the presence of which lime water turns milky when exposed to air?
A. Carbon dioxide
B. nitrogen
C. oxygen
D. sulfur dioxide
Option”A” is correct