Non-metals and their compounds

201.Which refrigerant is generally used in domestic refrigerator?
A. Neon
B. ammonia
C. nitrogen
D. Freon
Option”B” is correct
202.Tear gas is
A. ammonia
B. chlorine
C. hydrogen carbide
D. hydrogen sulfide
Option”A” is correct
203.The smoke emanating from ammonium chloride powder used for cleaning hot utensils while tinning brass utensils is –
A. of ammonia
B. carbon monoxide
C. hydrochloric acid
D. ammonia and hydrochloric acid
Option”D” is correct
204.An unknown gas readily dissolves in water. This gas turns red litmus blue and gives white smoke with hydrogen chloride, this gas is –
A. sulphur dioxide
B. nitrous oxide
C. ammonia
D. carbon monoxide
Option”C” is correct
205.The suitable conditions for the manufacture of ammonia by Haber’s process are –
A. high pressure and low temperature
B. high pressure and high temperature
C. low pressure and low temperature
D. low pressure and high temperature
Option”A” is correct
206.Aquaregia is a mixture of which of the following in the ratio 1:3 by volume?
A. concentrated HNO₃ and concentrated HCI
B. concentrated HNO₃ and concentrated H₂SO₄
C. dilute HCI and dilute HNO₃
D. concentrated HCI and concentrated HNO₃
Option”A” is correct
207.In which acid does gold dissolve?
A. in nitric acid
B. in hydrochloric acid
C. in sulfuric acid
D. and Amalraj
Option”D” is correct
208.Aquaregia concentrate is prepared by mixing HNO₃?
A. concentrated H₂SO₄
B. concentrated H₃PO₄
C. concentrated HCI
D. concentrated HBr
Option”C” is correct
209.The molecular formula of phosphorus is –
A. P₁
B. P₂
C. P₃
D. P₄
Option”D” is correct
210.The most stable form of phosphorus is
A. yellow phosphorus
B. red phosphorus
C. purple phosphorus
D. black phosphorus
Option”B” is correct