Non-metals and their compounds

271.What is the mineralogical composition of diamond?
A. Carbon
B. nitrogen
C. nickel
D. Zinc
Option”A” is correct
272.Carbon dating is used to determine the age of
A. fossil
B. plants
C. rocks
D. none of the above
Option”A” is correct
273.The following non-metallic element has metallic luster –
A. Sulphur
B. phosphorus
C. iodine
D. Boraun
Option”C” is correct
274.Where the ozone layer is mainly located, that is –
A. troposphere
B. stratosphere
C. mesosphere
D. ionosphere
Option”B” is correct
275.Who among the following discovered heavy water?
A. Heinrich Hertz
B. h p ure
C. g mendel
D. Priestley
Option”B” is correct
276.Which one of the following is also called stranger gas?
A. argon
B. `neon
C. geneon
D. nitrous oxide
Option”C” is correct
277.Which of the following is a semiconductor?
A. plastic
B. aluminum
C. wood
D. germanium
Option”D” is correct
278.The main gaseous pollutant of thermal power is –
A. hydrogen sulfide
B. ammonia
C. nitrogen dioxide
D. sulfur dioxide
Option”D” is correct in the tip of the matchstick
A. phosphorus pentoxide
B. white phosphorus
C. red phosphorus
D. phosphorus trichloride
Option”C” is correct
280.Diamond and graphite are
A. misshapen
B. isomorphic
C. isomer
D. isobars
Option”A” is correct