Non-metals and their compounds

41.In whose atmosphere is the magnesium wire placed in the flash bulb?
A. hydrogen
B. oxygen
C. ozone
D. nitrogen
Option”D” is correct
42.The gas used in electric bulbs is
A. nitrogen
B. hydrogen
C. oxygen
D. none of these
Option”A” is correct
43.discoverer of nitrogen
A. chadwick
B. rutherford
C. cavendish
D. ramje
Option”B” is correct
44.cryogenic fluid
A. liquid nitrogen
B. liquid ammonia
C. dry ice
D. liquid sulfur dioxide
Option”A” is correct
45.Which of the following elements is required in the largest amount by growing plants?
A. calcium
B. nitrogen
C. iron
D. phosphorus
Option”B” is correct
46.Which of the following gas is present in the largest quantity in the air?
A. Carbon dioxide
B. nitrogen
C. argon
D. oxygen
Option”B” is correct
47.The explosive compound of nitrogen is –
B. N₂O₅
C. NH₃
D. NF₃
Option”A” is correct
48.Which of the following fertilizers has the highest percentage of nitrogen?
A. urea
B. ammonium sulfate
C. ammonium nitrate
D. calcium nitrate
Option”A” is correct
49.Which gas is produced when there is lightning in the sky?
A. N₂O
C. NO₂
D. N₂O₅
Option”B” is correct
50.Which one of the following gases is produced during the formation of photochemical smog?
A. hydrogen
B. Nitrogen oxide
C. ozone
D. methane
Option”B” is correct