Non-metals and their compounds

81.Which one of the following electrolyte solutions is used in car batteries?
A. sodium sulphate
B. nitric acid
C. sluric acid
D. potassium nitrate
Option”C” is correct
82.Which acid is stored in batteries?
A. sulfuric acid
B. nitric acid
C. hydrochloric acid
D. acetic acid
Option”A” is correct
83.What happens when a lead storage battery is charged?
A. sulfur dioxide is formed
B. lead sulphate is consumed
C. lead is made
D. sulfuric acid is consumed
Option”D” is correct
84.Which acid is considered a ‘basic chemical’ in the chemical industry?
A. hydrochloric acid
B. sulfuric acid
C. sulfuric acid
D. acetic acid
Option”C” is correct
85.As a result of the reaction of dilute sulfur with zinc, it is produced-
A. Hydrogen
B. sulfur dioxide
C. sulfur trioxide
D. hydrogen sulphide
Option”A” is correct
86.Which of the following is predominant in acid rain?
A. carbolic acid
B. hydrochloric acid
C. nitric acid
D. sulfuric acid
Option”C” is correct
87.Which gas emitted from power stations causes acid rain?
A. helium
B. carbon dioxide
C. nitrogen
D. sulfur dioxide
Option”D” is correct
88.Carbon or graphite rods are used in nuclear reactors as moderators for a sustainable nuclear chain reaction through the nuclear fission process. In this process-
A. neutrons are produced rapidly
B. protons build up quickly
C. neutrons build up slowly
D. Protons build up slowly
Option”C” is correct
89.When concentrated sulfuric acid is poured on sugar, it gets scorched, in this process sugar-
A. gets oxidized
B. gets degraded
C. becomes dehydrated
D. sulfonation occurs
Option”C” is correct
90.Caro acid is known as –
A. H₂SO₅
B. H₂SO₄
C. H₂S₂O₇
D. H₂S₂O₈
Option”A” is correct