Organic Chemistry

151.What type of reaction is the formation of poly ethylene from ethylene?
A. compaction
B. polymerization
C. evaporation
D. detonation
Option”B” is correct
152.obtained from the distillate of wood
A. acetic acid
B. sulfuric acid
C. pyro ligneous acid
D. formic acid
Option”C” is correct
153.Organic compounds having the same molecular formula but different structural formula are called
A. isotopes
B. burdensome
C. isomer
D. disfigured
Option”C” is correct
154.isomeric compounds show variation
A. in molecular formula
B. structurally
C. chemically
D. All of the above
Option”B” is correct
155.isomeric compounds show variation
A. in physical properties
B. in chemical properties
C. in molecular formula
D. All of the above
Option”A” is correct
156.Which of the following shows isomerism
A. methane
B. ethane
C. Propane
D. butane
Option”D” is correct
157.Normal butane and iso butane are –
A. optical isomer
B. chain isomer
C. position isomer
D. functional isomers
Option”B” is correct
158.Petrol, which is used as fuel for motor vehicles, is a mixture of
A. of alcohol
B. of carbohydrates
C. of hydrocarbons
D. hydrocarbons and alcohols
Option”C” is correct
159.By which method are the different components of petroleum separated?
A. by breaking distillation method
B. by distillation method
C. by fractional distillation method
D. by vacuum distillation method
Option”C” is correct
160.When petroleum is heated, the maximum amount of vapor released is
A. kerosene
B. saimojin
C. Vaseline
D. Petroleum ether
Option”D” is correct