Organic Chemistry

171.Which of the following is the main component of LPG?
A. methane
B. ethane
C. Propane
D. butane
Option”D” is correct
172.The gas produced due to decomposition of vegetation in some places is –
A. carbon monoxide
B. carbon dioxide
C. methane
D. mixture of N₂ and O₂
Option”D” is correct
173.Which gas is mainly used in cooking
A. Carbon dioxide
B. carbon monoxide
C. methane
D. mixture of nitrogen and oxygen
Option”C” is correct
174.Mines are mainly blasted
A. mixture of oxygen and nitrogen
B. mixture of acetylene and oxygen
C. methane mixed with air
D. carbon dioxide with ethane
Option”C” is correct
175.Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighter?
A. butane
B. methane
C. Propane
D. Redan
Option”A” is correct
176.From the point of view of safety, what is filled in the cooking LPG gas cylinder to make the gas smelly, so that leakage can be detected?
A. glycol
B. Glycerol
C. mercaptan
D. alcohol
Option”C” is correct
177.refrigerant is freon
A. calcium tetrachloride
B. difluoro dichloro methane
C. Fluospar and Feldspar
D. hydrofluosilicic acid
Option”B” is correct
178.Which gas is present in both natural gas and biogas?
A. methane
B. Butane
C. hydrogen
D. carbon monoxide
Option”A” is correct
179.The area producing methane gas is –
A. wheat field
B. paddy field
C. cotton field
D. peanut farm
Option”B” is correct
180.The shape of ethylene molecule is –
A. planar
B. Angular
C. linear
D. Isotropic
Option”A” is correct