Organic Chemistry

201.The chemical formula of urea is –
D. NH₃
Option”C” is correct
202.Which of the following is known as carbamide
A. carbonate
B. protein
C. urea
D. glycerin
Option”C” is correct
203.Which of the following fertilizers contains the most nitrogen
A. urea
B. ammonium nitrate
C. potassium nitrate
D. ammonium phosphate
Option”A” is correct
204.In what form is nitrogen present in urea fertilizer?
A. nitrate
B. nitrite
C. Ammonium
D. amide
Option”D” is correct
205.Nitrogen content of urea is
A. 26%’
B. 36%’
C. 46%’
D. 60%’
Option”C” is correct
206.Who was the first to synthesize urea in the laboratory
A. williamson
B. Kolbe
C. wohler
D. bertholet
Option”C” is correct
207.Who is called the father of aromatic compounds?
A. methane
B. Benzene
C. phenol
D. aniline
Option”B” is correct
208.What is the chemical name of ‘Gamaxen’?
A. toluene
B. chlorobenzene
C. aniline
D. benzene hexachloride
Option”D” is correct
209.Gammaxine is a
A. disinfectant
B. fungicide
C. herbicide
D. analgesic
Option”A” is correct
210.Benzene reacts with chlorine gas in the presence of iron catalyst to form
A. benzene hexachloride
B. benzyl chloride
C. chlorobenzene
D. benzoyl chloride
Option”C” is correct