Organic Chemistry

211.Which acid is used in the manufacture of photography
A. formic acid
B. oxalic acid
C. citric acid
D. acetic acid
Option”B” is correct
212.How is oxalic acid used in photography?
A. sodium oxalate
B. ferrous oxalate
C. diethyl oxalate
D. calcium oxalate
Option”B” is correct
213.used to remove ink stains
A. benzoic acid
B. acetic acid
C. oxalic acid
D. boric acid
Option”C” is correct
214.Used to remove rust stains from clothes
A. kerosene
B. chose
C. petrol
D. oxalic acid
Option”D” is correct
215.Stones formed in human kidney are usually made up of
A. from calcium oxalate
B. from sodium acetate
C. from magnesium sulfate
D. from calcium
Option”A” is correct
216.Doctors are of the opinion that people suffering from kidney and gall bladder stones should not take tomatoes, eggs, milk and cabbage in large quantities so that crystals of the following are not formed?
A. calcium phosphate
B. calcium oxalate
C. calcium chloride
D. calcium sulfate
Option”B” is correct
217.Which of the following carbon compounds is used to remove iron stains from iron compounds?
A. oxalic acid
B. benzoic acid
C. phthalic acid
D. cinnamic acid
Option”A” is correct
218.In what form is oxalic acid present in plant cells?
A. sodium oxalate
B. calcium oxalate
C. zinc oxalate
D. potassium oxalate
Option”B” is correct
219.What is iodoform used for?
A. antipyretic
B. pain reliever
C. counter supply
D. anesthesia
Option”C” is correct
220.Which organic compound was first prepared in the laboratory
A. methane
B. Ethylene
C. ethane
D. urea
Option”D” is correct