Organic Chemistry

71.Urotropin is
A. hexamethylene diamine
B. hexamethylene triamine
C. hexamethylene tetramine
D. hexamethylene pentaamine
Option”C” is correct
72.Aldol condensation cannot occur between
A. two different aldehydes
B. an aldehyde and an ester
C. two different ketones
D. an aldehyde and a ketone
Option”B” is correct
73.Pyrolignaceous acid is a component of
A. acetic acid
B. methyl alcohol
C. acetone
D. all of these
Option”D” is correct
74.Pyrolignaceous acid obtained from wood contains
A. 10% ethanol
B. 10% Formaldehyde
C. 10% acetic acid
D. 10% formic acid
Option”C” is correct
75.Which of the following process is adopted in the production of biodiesel?
A. transanimation
B. transcription
C. transesterification
D. translate
Option”C” is correct
76.By whom is formic acid produced?
A. Termite
B. cockroach
C. red ant
D. Machhad
Option”C” is correct
77.On the bite of an ant or a bee, the following liquid is found in its sting –
A. formic acid
B. Menthanal
C. glacial acetic acid
D. oxalic acid
Option”A” is correct
78.Which of the following acid is present in vinegar
A. hydrochloric acid
B. citric acid
C. citric acid
D. acetic acid
Option”D” is correct
79.Sheera is the best raw material –
A. for acetic acid
B. for glycerin
C. for power alcohol
D. for urea
Option”A” is correct
80.found in tomato sauce
A. citric acid
B. oxalic acid
C. lactic acid
D. acetic acid
Option”A” is correct