Organic Chemistry

81.The chemical used for preservation of food is
A. Sodium chloride
B. caustic soda
C. sodium benzoate
D. sulfuric acid
Option”C” is correct
82.used for food processing
A. sodium carbonate
B. acetic acid
C. sodium nitrate
D. benzoic acid
Option”D” is correct
83.Tear gas is used in –
A. chloro acetophenone
B. bromo acetophenone
C. fluoro acetophenone
D. chloro acetoquinone
Option”A” is correct
84.Carbolic acid is
Option”C” is correct
85.Which was the major polluter responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy?
A. methyl isocyanate
B. bromine
C. methyl isocyanate
D. chlorine
Option”A” is correct
86.What is the main source of naphthalene?
A. bitumen
B. Diesel
C. charcoal
D. camphor
Option”A” is correct
87.Methyl isocyanate gas, which caused the Bhopal disaster in December, 1984, was used in the Union Carbide factory for the production of?
A. dye
B. detergent
C. Explosive
D. Pesticide
Option”D” is correct
88.What is Teflon?
A. fluoro carbon
B. hydrocarbons
C. disinfectant
D. insecticide
Option”A” is correct
89.Orlan is a polymer made from?
A. acrylonitrile
B. neoprene
C. vinyl chloride
D. tetrafluoro ethylene
Option”A” is correct
90.Chloro is obtained from the polymerization of ethylene?
A. polyethylene
B. urea
C. rubber
Option”D” is correct