Master Percentage Questions for Competitive Exams [100% Free and Effective!]

Percentage Questions You must Practice Before Appearing for Exams

Percentage Questions : When it comes to preparing for competitive examinations, “percentage questions” stand out as a crucial topic every aspirant must grasp. Whether you’re gearing up for the Bank, SSC, Railways, or other government exams, “percentage questions” consistently feature as a key component of the syllabus. This comes as no surprise since understanding “percentage questions” lays the foundation for various other mathematical concepts.

Why, you might ask, is there such an emphasis on “percentage questions”? The answer lies in the multi-faceted nature of these questions. They not only test your mathematical prowess but also challenge your analytical thinking. In the realm of competitive exams, especially in the Bank, SSC, and Railways, there’s a noticeable trend: “percentage questions for competitive exams” often appear, challenging countless aspirants every year.

If you delve into past papers and mock tests, you’ll frequently encounter “percentage questions for competitive exams”. And, it doesn’t stop there. The variations of “questions on percentage for competitive exams” are manifold, each presenting its unique challenge. Moreover, “percentage competitive questions” are known to have tricked even the most seasoned of candidates, emphasizing their importance.

So, what’s the game plan? As we venture deeper into this article, we aim to equip you with strategies and understanding specifically tailored to “percentage questions”. By addressing both “percentage questions for competitive exams” and throwing light on intricate “questions on percentage for competitive exams”, we intend to prepare you for any twist that may come your way. Additionally, we will unravel the intricacies of “percentage competitive questions” to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

By the end, our goal is for you to look at “percentage questions” not as a challenge but as an opportunity, an opportunity to score and excel in the Bank, SSC, Railways, and other government exams. So, let’s embark on this percentage-filled journey together!

1. If x% of x + y% of y = 2% of xy, then what percent of x is y?

यदि x का x% + y का y% = xy का 2%, तो x, y का कितना प्रतिशत है?

Option “A” is correct.
x% of x + y% of y = 2% of xy
It can be written as;
0.01x+ 0.01y2 = 0.02 × xy
⇒ x+ y2 = 2xy
⇒ x+ y2 – 2xy = 0
⇒ (x – y)2 = 0
 ⇒ x = y
∴ x is 100% of y.

2. There are three friends P, Q and R. The income of Q is 25% more than the income of P and the income of R is 20% more than the incomes of Q. Income of R is what percent more than the income of P?

तीन दोस्त P, Q और R हैं। Q की आय P की आय से 25% अधिक है और R की आय Q की आय से 20% अधिक है, तो R की आय P की आय से कितने प्रतिशत अधिक है?

Option “B” is correct.

माना कि P, 4x है।

Q की आय = 4x × [5 / 4] = 5x

R की आय = 5x × [6 / 5] = 6x

∴ आवश्यक प्रतिशत = [(6x – 4x) / 4x] × 100 = 50%

3. A is 20% more than the B if A is increased by 10% and B increased by 20%, then by what percent A is more than B?

A, B से 20% अधिक है, यदि A में 10% और B में 20% की वृद्धि की जाती है, तब A, B से कितने प्रतिशत अधिक है?

Option “D” is correct.

Let the value of B be 100x.

Value of A = 100x × [6/5] = 120x

Value of A after increment = 120x × [11/10] = 132x

Value of B after increment = 100 × [6/5] = 120x

Required percentage = [(132x – 120x)/120x] × 100 = 10%

4. If the income of A is 24% less than income of B, then what percentage is B’s income is more than that of A?

यदि A की आय, B की आय से 24% कम है, तो B की आय, A की आय से कितने प्रतिशत अधिक है?

Option “C” is correct.

Let the income of B be 100x

Income of A = 100x × (76/100) = 76x

Income of B more than the income of A by = 100x – 76x = 24x

Required percentage = (24x/76x) × 100 = 600/19%

5. If B exceed A by 25%, then A is less than B by

यदि B, A से 25% अधिक है, तो A, B से कितना प्रतिशत कम है?

Option “C” is correct.


B exceed A by 25%


[(100 + 25)/100] × A = B

5A = 4B

A/B = 4/5

Let A = 4x and B = 5x

B – A = 5x – 4x = x

Required percentage = (x/5x) × 100 = 20%

∴ A is less than B by 20%

6. The price of oil is increased by 20%. However, its consumption decreased by 8 1/3%. What is the percentage increase or decrease in the expenditure on it?

तेल के मूल्य में 20% की वृद्धि होती है। हालाँकि, इसकी खपत में 8 1/3 की कमी आती है। इसके व्यय में प्रतिशत वृद्धि या कमी क्या है?

Option “D” is correct.

Let the price of the oil be Rs. x

According to the question = x × (120/100) × (11/12) = 1.1x

Percentage of expenditure increased by = [(1.1x – x)/x] × 100 = 10%

7. 60% of a number is 168, then what is the number?

एक संख्या का 60%, 168 है, तो वह संख्या क्या है?

Option “B” is correct.

Let the number be x

According to question,

x × 60% = 168

⇒ x × 3/5 = 168

⇒ x = 280

∴ The required number is 280.

8. What percentage of 5.6 kg is 140 gram?

140 ग्राम, 5.6 किलो का कितना प्रतिशत है?

Option “C” is correct.

Let the required percentage be x%

According to question,

x% of 5.6 kg = 140 gram

⇒ 5600 × x/100 = 140

∴ x = 2.5

9. 12.5% of A = 55. What is the value of A?

Option “B” is correct.

12.5% of A = 55




⇒ A = 440

∴ The value of A is 440.

10. What is the value of 12.5% of 30% of 1440?

1440 का 30% का 12.5% का मान ज्ञात कीजिए।

Option “C” is correct.

440 30%  12.5%


⇒ (3/8) × 144

⇒ 54

1440 का 30% का 12.5% का मान 54 है।