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Welcome, dear readers! If you’ve ever scratched your head over Permutation and Combination questions, you’re not alone. They form a fundamental pillar in the world of mathematics and logic. But what exactly are these Permutation and Combination questions? A permutation is how you can arrange certain things in a definite order, whereas a combination deals with selecting items without fussing over the order. Now, why are these questions so essential? The answer lies in the vast applications of permutation and combination in our daily life.

Permutation and Combination questions are omnipresent, especially in the competitive realm. For those preparing for competitive exams, having a grip on Permutation and Combination questions is a must. Are you aiming to crack exams like the CAT? Well, understanding permutation and combination for CAT can indeed give you an edge. Not only that, but these concepts also find their relevance in aptitude tests, where permutation and combination aptitude questions test one’s problem-solving ability.

We’ve noticed a growing trend of people searching for permutation and combination in Hindi. This highlights the widespread appeal and importance of these mathematical concepts. Moreover, if you are looking to build a strong foundation or just seeking to practice, our permutation and combination pdf will surely be of great help. Within it, you’ll find Permutation and Combination problems, and don’t worry – we’ve also got you covered with permutation and combination solutions.

The world of permutation and combination doesn’t restrict itself to the CAT or aptitude tests. These concepts are frequently tested in various government exams like Bank, SSC, Railways, and more. So, it’s of paramount importance for aspirants to understand and master Permutation and Combination questions.

In this article, not only will you find a treasure trove of Permutation and Combination questions, but you’ll also gain access to detailed explanations that will simplify these intricate concepts. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or need advanced permutation and combination problems; this compilation will serve all your needs.

In conclusion, we encourage all our readers to dive deep into the world of Permutation and Combination questions. With practice and understanding, no problem is too big to solve. Whether you’re seeking information in Hindi, prepping for the CAT, or need a handy permutation and combination pdf for reference, we’ve got you covered. Happy learning!


Top 160 Permutation and Combination questions:

1. Three coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting exactly two tails?

E. None of these

Option “B” is correct.

Total event=(HHH, HHT, HTH, THH, THT, HTT, TTH, TTT)


Possible ways =(THT, HTT, TTH)=3

Required probability=3/8

2. A dice is rolled, what is the probability of the outcome is a prime number?

A. 1/2
B. 2/3
C. 5/6
D. 1/3
E. None of these

Option “A” is correct.

Total event=(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Possibility of getting Prime number=(2, 3, 5)

Required probability=3/6=1/2

3. Two cards are drawn at the random from a pack of cards. What is the probability that both are Kings?

A. 3/221
B. 4/221
C. 5/221
D. 1/221
E. None of these

Option “D” is correct.

The number of kings in the pack=4

Total number of cards=52

Required probability=4C2 /52C2 = (4 * 3)/(52 * 51)


4. A bag contains 3 red balls and 4 green balls. What is the probability of selecting 2 green balls from the bag?

A. 1/7
B. 2/7
C. 3/7
D. 4/7
E. None of these

Option “B” is correct.

Required probability=4C2/7C2

= (4 * 3)/(7 * 6)


5. What is the probability of selecting 2 blue balls from a bag containing 4 red balls and 5 blue balls?

A. 5/18
B. 7/18
C. 1/3
D. 2/9
E. 3/7

Option “A” is correct.

Required probability=5C2 / 9C2  

= 20/72

= 5/18

6. In how many ways the letters of the word ‘ARMOUR’ can be arranged?

A. 720
B. 360
C. 120
D. 650
E. None of These

Option “B” is correct.

Total letters = 6,

but R has come twice.

Number of arrangements = 6!/2! = (6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1)/(2 * 1) = 360

7. In how many ways the letters of the word “COURSE”can be arranged?

A. 360
B. 240
C. 540
D. 128
E. None of these

Option “E” is correct.
Required ways=6!=720
8. In how many ways the letters of word “SIMPLE” can be arranged so that all vowels come together?

A. 180
B. 210
C. 240
D. 270
E. 120

Option “C” is correct.

Total letters = 6

Vowels = I, E = 2

Required ways = 2! * 5!

= 240

9. How many ways the letters of the word “CURRENT” be arranged?

A. 2520
B. 1260
C. 5040
D. 720
E. None of these

Option “A” is correct.
Required ways = 7!/2! = 2520
10. How many different ways can the word “YUMMY” be arranged?

A. 90
B. 24
C. 120
D. 60
E. 30

Option “E” is correct.
Required number of ways = 5!/(2!2!) = 30


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