Religious Movements (6th century BC-4th century BC)

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101.Which of the following religions believe in reincarnation? 1. Hinduism 2. Buddhism 3. Jainism
A. 1, 2 and 3
B. only 1
C. 2 and 3
D. 1 and 3
Option “A” is correct.
102.What is the correct sequence of the four organizers of Buddhist councils?
A. (a) Kalashoka, Ajatashatru, Ashoka, Kanishka
B. (b) Kanishka, Ashoka, Kalashoka, Ajatashatru
C. (c) Ashoka, Kalashoka, Ajatshatru, Kanishka
D. (d) Ajatshatru, Kalashoka, Ashoka, Kanishka
Option “D” is correct.
103.Which of the following is not a part of Tripitaka?
A. Native
B. Sutta
C. Vinay
D. Abhidhamma
Option “A” is correct.
104.Which two Jain Tirthankaras are mentioned in the Rigveda?
A. Rishabhadeva and Arishtanemi
B. Parshvanath and Nirayanathaputra
C. Ashwajith and Sanjay Veldwaputta
D. Rishabhadeva and Pashrvanath
Option “A” is correct.
105.Match List-I with List-II : List-I (Names of Mahavira A. Kevalin B. Jinn C. Mahavira D. Nirgrath) List-II (Meanings) 1. Absolute Knowledge 2. Conqueror of the senses 3. Infinitely Mighty 4. Boundless
A. A → 1, B → 2, C → 3, D → 4
B. A → 2, B → 1, C → 3, D → 4
C. A → 1, B → 2, C → 4, D → 3
D. A → 4, B → 3, C → 2, D → 1
Option “A” is correct.
106.Where did Mahavira establish the Jain Sangh?
A. Kundgram
B. Pava
C. Vaishali
D. Varanasi
Option “B” is correct.
107.Who became the next president of the Jain Sangh after Mahavira’s death?
A. Goshal
B. Mallinath
C. Sudharman
D. Vajraswami
Option “C” is correct.
108.The word ‘Anuvrat’ is associated with which religion?
A. Jainism
B. Lokayat Mat
C. Hindu religion
D. Buddhism
Option “A” is correct.
109.The author of the Jain text ‘Kalpa Sutra’ is?
A. Bhadrabahu
B. Sthulabhadra
C. Hemchandra
D. Self-made
Option “A” is correct.
110.The author of ‘Parishisht Parva’, which is a composition related to Jainism, is?
A. Bhadrabahu
B. Sthulabhadra
C. Hemchandra
D. Self-made
Option “C” is correct.