Religious Movements (6th century BC-4th century BC)

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11.Who was Nagarjuna?
A. Greek king
B. Vaishnava saint
C. Jain monks
D. buddhist philosopher
Option “D” is correct.
12.According to Jain tradition, which Tirthankara was Mahavira?
A. Before
B. Tenth
C. Eighteenth
D. Twenty fourth
Option “D” is correct.
13.The fundamental point of Jainism is-
A. Destiny
B. loyalty
C. Non-violence
D. Dispassion
Option “C” is correct.
14.Who said ‘live and let live’?
A. Mahavir Swami
B. Gautam buddha
C. Mahatma Gandhi
D. Vinoba Bhave
Option “A” is correct.
15.Who was the last in the order of Tirthankaras?
A. Rishabhdev
B. Parshwanath
C. Manisuvrata
D. Mahavir
Option “D” is correct.
16.What is the word for ‘absolute knowledge’ in Jainism?
A. Ginnie
B. Gemstone
C. Kaivalya
D. Nirvana
Option “C” is correct.
17.Where was Mahavir Swami born?
A. in kundagram
B. in Patliputra
C. in Magadha
D. in Vaishali
Option “A” is correct.
18.In which city was the fourth Buddhist council/assembly held during the reign of Kanishka?
A. Magadh
B. Patna
C. Kundalvan, Kashmir
D. Royal house
Option “C” is correct.
19.Where was the Third Buddhist Council held?
A. Delhi
B. Patna
C. Kaushambi
D. Kashmir
Option “B” is correct.
20.In which city was the Buddhist council organized during the reign of Ashoka?
A. Magadh
B. Patna
C. Samastipur
D. Royal house
Option “B” is correct.