Religious Movements (6th century BC-4th century BC)

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51.Due to which 4 scenes the sense of disinterest in Buddha got strengthened?
A. old man, patient, corpse, monk
B. blind, patient, corpse, hermit
C. lame, patient, corpse, recluse
D. young, patient, zombies, saints
Option “A” is correct.
52.Where did Buddha give most sermons?
A. Sravasti
B. Pava
C. Gandhara
D. Ujjain
Option “A” is correct.
53.The author of ‘Buddhacharita’, which is called ‘Ramayana of Buddhists’, is?
A. Ashwaghosh
B. Vasumitra
C. Buddha Ghosh
D. Nagarjuna
Option “A” is correct.
54.Who is the author of ‘Mahavibhasha Shastra’?
A. Vasumitra
B. Incompatible
C. Nagarjuna
D. Ashwaghosh
Option “A” is correct.
55.Which Buddhist text is considered as sacred as the Gita?
A. Native
B. Dhammapada
C. Pitaka
D. Buddhacharita
Option “B” is correct.
56.Who is considered a future Bodhisattva or future Bodhisattva in Buddhism?
A. Thunderbolt
B. Padyapani
C. Manjushree
D. Maitreya
Option “D” is correct.
57.During whose time Buddhism clearly split into two independent sects ‘Hinayana’ and ‘Mahayana’?
A. Ajatshatru
B. Ashoka
C. Kanishka
D. None of these
Option “C” is correct.
58.The exponent of ‘Yogachar’ or Vigyanism was?
A. Nagarjuna
B. Maitreyanath
C. Ashwaghosh
D. The great cusp
Option “B” is correct.
59.Match List-I with List-II: List-I A. Vajrapani B. Padmapani C. Manjusri D. Amitabh List-II 1. Equal to the god Indra 2. Avlokitesvara 3. Promoter of intelligence 4. God of heaven
A. A → 1, B → 2, C → 3, D → 4
B. A → 2, B → 1, C → 3, D → 4
C. A → 1, B → 2, C → 4, D → 3
D. A → 4, B → 3, C → 2, D → 1
Option “A” is correct.
60.Which sect of Buddhism became prevalent in the countries south of India?
A. Hinayana
B. Mahayana
C. Nihilism
D. None of these
Option “A” is correct.