Religious Movements (6th century BC-4th century BC)

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81.Which of the following places is considered as Jain Siddha Kshetra because of its association with Parshvanath?
A. Champa’
B. Pava
C. Sammed peak
D. Energized
Option “C” is correct.
82.Who presided over the first Buddhist Council after the death of Buddha?
A. The great cusp
B. Dharmasen
C. Ajatshatru
D. Nagasen
Option “A” is correct.
83.Who among the following wanted to be the head of the Sangha during the lifetime of the Buddha?
A. Devdatta
B. Great tremor
C. Upali
D. Happiness
Option “A” is correct.
84.The Vesnagar inscription of Heliodorus refers to?
A. from Sankarshana and Vasudev
B. by traction and pradyumna
C. from Sankarshana, Prapan and Vasudev
D. only from vasudev
Option “D” is correct.
85.Which statements are true about Buddhism? 1. He did not reject Varna and Jati 2. He challenged the highest social category of the Brahmin class 3. He considered certain crafts as inferior.
A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 1,2 and 3
D. None of these
Option “C” is correct.
86.Who first started the worship of Vasudev Krishna?
A. The Satvatas
B. Vedic Aryans
C. The tamils
D. of the rich
Option “A” is correct.
87.Given below is the correct chronology of Buddhist concerts held in the following four places. Find out from the code 1. Vaishali 2. Rajgriha 3. Kundalavan 4. Pataliputra
A. 1, 2, 3, 4
B. 4, 3, 2,1
C. 2,1, 3, 4
D. 2, 1, 4, 3
Option “D” is correct.
88.Who was nominated by Gautam Buddha to lead the Buddhist Sangha after his death?
A. Shrinaqn
B. The great cusp
C. Upali
D. No one
Option “D” is correct.
89.Syadvad theory is?
A. of Lokayata religion
B. of Shaivism
C. of Jainism
D. of Vaishnavism
Option “C” is correct.
90.When was Gautam Buddha born?
A. 563 B.C.
B. 558 B.C.
C. 561 B.C.
D. 544 B.C.
Option “A” is correct.