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Topic-Vedic Culture of Ancient History
Ancient History Quiz
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Vedic Culture of Ancient History

71.Match List-I with List-II : List-I A. Rigveda B. Yajurveda C. Samaveda D. Atharvaveda List-II 1. Musical Sources 2. Sources and Rituals 3. Tantra-Mantra and Vashikaran 4. Sources and Prayers-
A. A → 4, B → 2, C → 1, D → 3
B. A → 3, B → 2, C → 4, D → 1
C. A → 4, B → 1, C → 2, D → 3
D. A → 2, B → 3, C → 1, D → 4
Option “A” is correct.
72.The most mentioned river in the early Vedic literature is-
A. Indus
B. Shatudri
C. Saraswati
D. Ganges
Option “A” is correct.
73.King Ashvapati of the Upanishad period was the ruler-
A. of Kashi
B. of Kekay
C. of Panchal
D. of Videha
Option “B” is correct.
74.In which Upanishad is the dialogue of Nachiketa and Yama found about spiritual knowledge?
A. In the Vrihadaranyaka Upanishad
B. In the Chāndogya Upanishad
C. In the Kathopanipad
D. In the Ken Upanishad
Option “C” is correct.
75.Where should the place of Vedic river Kubha (Kavul) be determined?
A. In Afghanistan
B. Chinese in Turkistan
C. In Kashmir
D. In punjab
Option “A” is correct.
76.Philosophical system propounded by Kapil Muni is?
A. Pre-analysis
B. Samkhya philosophy
C. Philosophy of justice
D. Metaphysics
Option “B” is correct.
77.The earliest evidence of the practice of iron metal has been found from the excavation of which place in India?
A. Takshshila
B. Atranjikheda
C. Kaushambi
D. Hastinapur
Option “B” is correct.
78.Whose compilation of the following is based on Rigveda?
A. Yajurveda
B. Samveda
C. Atharvaveda
D. None of these
Option “B” is correct.
79.Which of the following is not included in ‘Prasthanatrayi’?
A. Bhagwat
B. Bhagavad Gita
C. Brahmasutra
D. Upanishads
Option “A” is correct.
80.theory of karma is related to-
A. Justly
B. Metaphorically
C. In Vedanta
D. From the adjective
Option “B” is correct.