Maurya period (322 BC-185 BC)

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1.Megasthenes divided the Indian society into how many categories?
A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Seven
Option “D” is correct.
2.Which aspect is highlighted in Kautilya’s Arthashastra?
A. Economic life
B. Political policies
C. Religious life
D. Social life
Option “B” is correct.
3.Which of the following areas was not included in Ashoka’s empire?
A. Afghanistan
B. A state in Eastern India
C. Sri Lanka
D. Kalinga
Option “C” is correct.
4.Which ruler first made Pataliputra his capital? 
A. Chandragupta Maurya
B. Ashoka the great
C. Chandragupta Vikramaditya
D. Kanishka
Option “A” is correct.
5.Chandragupta’s palace at Pataliputra was mainly built on?
A. bricks
B. stone
C. wooden
D. clay
Option “C” is correct.
6.Who used the caves of Barabar (Gaya district) as a shelter?
A. The livelihoods
B. The Tharus
C. The Jains
D. The tantriks
Option “A” is correct.
7.From which inscription it is proved that the influence of Chandragupta was spread to western India?
A. Kalinga inscription
B. Girnar inscription of Ashoka
C. Junagadh inscription of Rudradaman
D. Ashoka’s Sopara inscription
Option “C” is correct.
8.The only pillar in which Ashoka describes himself as the emperor of Magadha is?
A. Small column of musky
B. Rummindei Column
C. Queen pillar
D. Bhabru Pillar
Option “D” is correct.
9.Match List-I with List-II: List-I A. Chandragupta B. Bindusara C. Ashoka D. Chanakya List-II 1. Piyadassi 2. Sandrokottam 3. Amitraghata 4. Vishnugupta
A. A → 2, B → 1, C → 4, D → 3
B. A → 1, B → 3, C → 2, D → 4
C. A → 2, B → 3, C → 1, D → 4
D. A → 3, B → 4, C → 2, D → 1
Option “C” is correct.
10.First Indian Empire established by?
A. Kanishk
B. Harsh
C. Chandragupta Maurya
D. Samudragupt
Option “C” is correct.