Maurya period (322 BC-185 BC)

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21.Where else was the polished monolith Ashoka Pillar, which was carved into single pieces of pyrolithic valucasm, usually extracted from the quarries of?
A. Chunar near Mirzapur
B. Laurianandan Garh
C. Sarnath near Varanasi
D. Udayagiri near Bhubaneshwar
Option “A” is correct.
22.Whose saying is ‘Indians do not know the art of writing’?
A. Kautilya
B. Pliny
C. Plutarch
D. Megasthenes
Option “D” is correct.
23.Which Mauryan emperor requested a foreign king, Antiochus I of Syria, to send figs, wine and philosopher to India?
A. Chandra Gupta
B. Bindusara
C. Ashoka
D. Kunal
Option “B” is correct.
24.Which is the most important source for information about Ashoka’s attack on Kalinga?
A. Mahavansh
B. Donation
C. 13th Great Inscription
D. 7th column inscription
Option “C” is correct.
25.Ashoka was the governor of a province at the time of Bindusara’s death. Identify this province as?
A. Ujjain
B. Takshshila
C. Suvarnagiri
D. Tosli
Option “A” is correct.
26.In which inscription Ashoka has declared that all human beings are his children?
A. Isolated Kalinga inscription
B. 2nd large inscription
C. 5th Great Inscription
D. Equal cavity article
Option “A” is correct.
27.Which declaration explains Ashoka’s inner sorrow for war and violence?
A. Girnar Rock Edict
B. Mansehra inscription
C. 5th Great Inscription
D. Isolated inscription of kalinga
Option “D” is correct.
28.In which inscription is Ashoka’s declaration ‘At any time, whether I eat or rest with the queen or I am in my antashala, wherever I may be, my greatness may approach me for public work?
A. 2nd inscription
B. 4th inscription
C. 5th inscription
D. 6th Rock Edict
Option “D” is correct.
29.Which of the following names the district level officers in descending order?
A. Territorial
B. Rajuk, Yuktaka, Territorial
C. Territorial
D. Devicer, Regional, Ruler
Option “A” is correct.
30.‘Vishti’ is –
A. Wedding ceremony
B.Forced labor
C. Province
D. District
Option “B” is correct.