Idioms And Phrases

101.Some people now wonder whether we just pay lip service or genuinely subscribe to democracy.

a. pay oral tribute
b. attach no value
c. remain indifferent
d. show only outward respect

Option “D” is correct.
pay lip service: to say that you agree with something but do nothing to support it.

102.Don’t thrust your nose into my affairs.

a. Advise me about
b. Be in opposition
c. Deal with
d. Meddle officiously in

Option “D” is correct.
thrust your nose: interfere in something that is not one’s concern.

103.He visits the doctor off and on.

a. everyday
b. regularly
c. never at all
d. occasionally

Option “D” is correct.
off and on: happening occasionally, or only for part of a period of time, not in a regular or continuous way.

104.The recent film “Secular India” has tried to keep the pot boiling for Muslim women’s.

a. Earning enough to keep body and soul together
b. Keep a controversy alive
c. Boil the bill
d. Boil something in a pot

Option “B” is correct.

105.The robber took to his heels when the police arrived.

a. opened fire
b. hid himself
c. ran off
d. surrendered

Option “C” is correct.

106.To cry wolf

a. To listen eagerly
b. To give false alarm
c. To turn pale
d. None of these

Option “B” is correct.
To cry wolf: to ask for assistance when you don’t need it.

107.To end in smoke

a. To make completely understand
b. To ruin oneself
c. To excite great applause
d. None of these

Option “B” is correct.
To end in smoke: to be destroyed or ruined.

108.To be above board

a. To have a good height
b. To be honest in any business deal
c. They have no debts
d. To try to be beautiful

Option “B” is correct.
To be above board: business agreement which is honest and not trying to deceive anyone.

109.To put one’s hand to plough

a. To take up agricultural farming
b. To take a difficult task
c. Take interest in technical work
d. None of these

Option “B” is correct.
To put one’s hand to plough: to do a difficult task.

110.To pick holes

a. To find some reason to quarrel
b. To destroy something
c. To criticise someone
d. To cut some part of an item

Option “C” is correct.
To pick holes: to try and make an idea or piece of work seem bad by finding all the things that are wrong or missing.