Idioms And Phrases

71.To make clean breast of

a. To gain prominence
b. To praise oneself
c. To confess without of reserve
d. None of these

Option “C” is correct.
To make clean breast of: to disclose something openly.

72.To keeps one’s temper

a. To become hungry
b. To be in good mood
c. To preserve ones energy
d. To be aloof from

Option “B” is correct.
To keeps one’s temper: to maintain control of one’s composure despite being angry or upset.

73.To catch a tartar

a. To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty
b. To catch a dangerous person
c. To meet with disaster
d. To deal with a person who is more than one’s match

Option “D” is correct.
To encounter or be forced to reckon with someone or something that proves more powerful, troublesome, or formidable than one expected.

74.To drive home

a. To find one’s roots
b. To return to place of rest
c. Back to original position
d. To emphasise

Option “D” is correct.
To drive home: give special importance or value to.

75.To have an axe to grind

a. A private end to serve
b. To fail to arouse interest
c. To have no result
d. To work for both sides

Option “A” is correct.
To have an axe to grind: to have a strong personal opinion about something that you want people to accept and that is the reason why you do something

76.To leave someone in the lurch

a. To come to compromise with someone
b. Constant source of annoyance to someone
c. To put someone at ease
d. To desert someone in his difficulties

Option “D” is correct.
To leave someone in the lurch: to stop supporting someone in his difficult times.

77.To play second fiddle

a. To be happy, cheerful and healthy
b. To reduce importance of one’s senior
c. To support the role and view of another person
d. To do back seat driving

Option “C” is correct.
To play second fiddle: to play a supporting or minor role in relation to someone else.

78.To beg the question

a. To refer to
b. To take for granted
c. To raise objections
d. To be discussed

Option “B” is correct.
To beg the question: assume the truth of an argument without arguing it.

79.A black sheep

a. An unlucky person
b. A lucky person
c. An ugly person
d. None of these

Option “D” is correct.
In the English language, ‘Black sheep’ is an idiom used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group, especially within a family.

80.A man of straw

a. A man of no substance
b. A very active person
c. A worthy fellow
d. An unreasonable person

Option “A” is correct.
A man of straw: a man whose character is weak and who lacks definite beliefs.