Religious Movements (6th century BC-4th century BC)

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71.According to Jain tradition, how many Tirthankars were there in Jainism?
A. 20
B. 22
C. 24
D. 14
Option “C” is correct.
72.‘Tripitak’ is the scripture of?
A. of Jains
B. of Buddhist
C. of Sikhs
D. of Hindus
Option “B” is correct.
73.At which of the following places did the conditioned Nai attain Mahaparinirvana (death)?
A. In Kushinara / Kushinagar
B. in Kapilavastu
C. in pava
D. in Kundugram
Option “A” is correct.
74.Which ruler established the famous Vikramshila University for Buddhists?
A. Mahipal
B. Devpal
C. Devpal
D. Dharampal
Option “D” is correct.
75.Who patronized the Third Buddhist Council?
A. Kanishka
B. Ashoka
C. The great cusp
D. Upali
Option “B” is correct.
76.In which of the following languages ​​was the Buddhist text ‘Pitakas’ composed?
A. Sanskrit
B. Half way
C. Pali
D. Prakrit
Option “C” is correct.
77.During the reign of which ruler, Buddhism was introduced in Nepal?
A. Samudragupt
B. Ashoka
C. Chandra Gupta
D. Harsh Vardhan
Option “B” is correct.
78.Why is Sanchi famous?
A. Rock cut temples
B. Greatest Buddhist Stupa
C. Cavity painting
D. Edicts of Ashoka
Option “B” is correct.
79.In which Kshatriya gotra was Mahavira born?
A. Shakya
B. Jantric
C. Advice
D. licchavi
Option “B” is correct.
80.Who was the mother of Mahavira?
A. Yashoda
B. Anonja
C. Trishala
D. Devanandi
Option “C” is correct.