Non-metals and their compounds

231.Oxygen and ozone are
A. allotropes
B. isotopes
C. isomers
D. isobars
Option”A” is correct
232.Which of the following gases when passed through an alkaline solution of pyrogallol gives an orange solution?
A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. hydrogen
D. Carbon dioxide
Option”A” is correct
233.Which of the following gases blackens the surface of silver?
A. ozone
B. hydrogen
C. oxygen
D. Carbon dioxide
Option”A” is correct
234.Which of the following causes depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere?
A. green house gas
B. hydro fluorocarbon
C. chlorofluorocarbon
Option”C” is correct
235.Which of the following gases is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer?
A. nitrous oxide
B. chlorofluorocarbons
C. carbon dioxide
D. carbon monoxide
Option”B” is correct
236.Supersonic aircraft discharge which of the following substances into the stratosphere?
A. NOx
B. sox
C. CO₂
D. H₂
Option”A” is correct
237.Which gas in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays?
A. ozone
B. methane
C. nitrogen
D. helium
Option”A” is correct
238.Ozone protects the biosphere
A. from infra-red rays
B. from ultraviolet rays
C. X-rays
D. γ – from the rays
Option”B” is correct
239.what kind of smell does ozone gas have
A. like rotten eggs
B. like rotten flesh
C. like rotten fish
D. like mustard oil
Option”C” is correct
240.The formula of Sulfur is –
A. S
B. S₂
C. S4
D. S₈
Option”D” is correct