Non-metals and their compounds

241.Which halogen member is used as disinfectant
A. florin
B. chlorine
C. bromine
D. iodine
Option”B” is correct
242.Which non-metal is found in liquid state?
A. bromine
B. nitrogen
C. fluorine
D. chlorine
Option”A” is correct
243.Sea weed is an important source of which of the following?
A. sulphurous
B. of chlorine
C. of bromine
D. of iodine
Option”D” is correct
244.Which of the following is found in solid state at room temperature?
A. chlorine
B. bromine
C. iodine
D. florin
Option”C” is correct
245.In which of the following form, iodinated supplement is given to correct the abnormal functioning of thyroid?
A. potassium iodate
B. sodium iodate
C. magnesium iodate
D. potassium iodide
Option”D” is correct
246.Hydrochloric acid is not kept in a glass bottle because it reacts with –
A. in visible light
B. from vitreous sodium oxide
C. from glass aluminum oxide
D. from glass silicon dioxide
Option”D” is correct
247.Another name for hydrochloric acid is –
A. gallic acid
B. picric acid
C. muriatic acid
D. chloric acid
Option”C” is correct
248.The acid found in human stomach is?
A. HCl
B. HBr
Option”A” is correct
249.What is glass soluble in?
A. sulfuric acid
B. HBr
C. nitric acid
Option”D” is correct
250.The least abundant element in the earth’s crust is –
A. Manganese
B. chlorine
C. astatine
D. magnesium
Option”C” is correct