Organic Chemistry

111.Which method is used to vulcanize natural rubber?
A. heating with sulfur
B. heating with carbon black
C. adding chlorine gas
D. add diphenimyl
Option”A” is correct
112.Which of the following reacts to produce urea?
A. ammonium dioxide + calcium sulfate
B. carbon dioxide + ammonia
C. acetic acid + ammonia
D. methane + carbon monoxide
Option”B” is correct
113.The sweet taste of fruits is due to
A. ribose
B. lactose
C. fructose
D. Maltose
Option”C” is correct
114.carbohydrates are compounds of
A. carbon and hydrogen
B. carbon, oxygen and hydrogen
C. carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen
D. carbon and nitrogen
Option”B” is correct
115.What is obtained when chlorine is added to ethylene?
A. ethyldi chloride
B. ethylene chlorohydrin
C. ethyl chloride
D. ethylene chloride
Option”D” is correct
116.Which one of the following is not an Explosive?
A. nitrochloroform
B. T.N. Yes.
C. T.N. Tea.
D. potassium chlorate
Option”A” is correct
117.Which of the following explosives is named ‘Nobel Oil’?
A. tng
B. tnp
Option”A” is correct
118.The handle of pressure cookers is made of plastic, because it should be made a bad conductor of heat. Which plastic is used in it, which is the first man-made plastic?
A. polyethylene
B. terrylene
C. Nylon
D. bakelite
Option”D” is correct
119.What happens when ethylene dibromide is mixed with petrol?
A. It increases the octane number of the fuel
B. It is helpful in lead oxide elimination
C. It removes sulfur compounds from petrol
D. It acts as a replacement for tetraethyl lead
Option”B” is correct
120.Which of the following is not a natural polymer?
A. the heat
B. Leather
C. nylon
D. silk
Option”C” is correct