Organic Chemistry

131.Which chemist propounded the life force theory
A. Bergilius
B. yohler
C. Kolbe
D. berthelot
Option”A” is correct
132.The first organic compound synthesized in the laboratory was
A. lactic acid
B. glucose
C. urea
D. uric acid
Option”C” is correct
133.In organic compounds, the four valencies of the carbon atom are directed towards the four edges of a tetrahedron and the carbon is in the center – who first gave this idea
A. JJ Thomson
B. albert einstein
C. Michael Faraday
D. Leibel and Van’t Hoff
Option”D” is correct
134.The most abundant organic compound found in nature is
A. glucose
B. fructose
C. sucrose
D. cellulose
Option”D” is correct
135.Which of the following elements is found in all organic compounds?
A. Carbon
B. calcium
C. nitrogen
D. oxygen
Option”A” is correct
136.How is camphor purified?
A. Sublimation
B. distillation
C. Chromatic
D. Vacuum distillation
Option”A” is correct
137.Which method is used for the purification of aniline?
A. Steam discharge
B. Partial discharge
C. Vacuum discharge
D. Sublimation
Option”A” is correct
138.What is the IUPAC name of the carbon compound CH₃OH?
A. methanol
B. Menthanal
C. Maithili Alcohol
D. hydroxy methane
Option”A” is correct
139.IUPAC name of ethylene is
A. ethene
B. ithine
C. propene
D. propane
Option”A” is correct
140.IUPAC name of acetylene is
A. ethene
B. ithine
C. propane
D. Butane-2
Option”B” is correct