Organic Chemistry

141.Also known as ‘Liquid Gold’
A. petroleum
B. platinum
C. aquaregia
D. Pyrene
Option”A” is correct
142.Petro crops are mainly found in –
A. lipids and proteins
B. hydrocarbons and carbohydrates
C. Carbohydrates and Proteins
D. Hydrocarbons and Lipids
Option”D” is correct
143.Petroleum products are obtained by hydrocracking of low-burden hydrocarbons present in the latex of some plants, to which origin do such plants belong?
A. leguminous
B. liliaceae
C. Euphorbiaceae
D. solanaceae
Option”C” is correct
144.The composition of kerosene oil is –
A. C₁-C₅
B. C₅-C₁₁
C. C₁₁-C₁₆
D. C₁₆-C₁₈
Option”C” is correct
145.Gasohol, which is used as a fuel in motor vehicles, is a mixture of –
A. of methane and alcohol
B. petrol and alcohol
C. of hydrogen and alcohol
D. natural gas and alcohol
Option”B” is correct
146.Diesel is used in heavy vehicles because –
A. More mileage and engine protection
B. Low cost and fuel savings
C. High Efficiency and Economic Saving
D. being cheaper than petrol
Option”C” is correct
147.How is the quality of petrol expressed?
A. cetane number
B. Swarnaak
C. octane
D. added unleaded compound
Option”C” is correct
148.The value of octane number of a good anti-knock compound is
A. High
B. Lower
C. Zero
D. infinity
Option”A” is correct
149.Which of the following is used to increase the anti-knock quality of petrol?
A. tetramethyl lead
B. tetraethyl lead
C. trimethyl lead
D. triethyl lead
Option”B” is correct
150.The best anti-knock compound used in petrol is
A. sodium ethoxide
B. zinc ethyl
C. ethyl magnesium bromide
D. lead tetraethyl
Option”D” is correct